Red Hot Cannonball in Water/Ice

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To commemorate red hot nickel ball in water/ice one year later, here is a red hot iron cannonball in water and on ice. I thought I would have been the first to heat up a cannon ball until red hot. As it turns out, war ships centuries ago would fire heated cannon balls at their enemy causing fire on their wooden vessel. SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: RHNB Vs. Watermelon - RHNB Vs. Jello - full.s/1bns0WF RHNB Vs. Elmers Glue - RHNB Full Playlist - -Want to send an object / material / substance to be RHNB`d or HHO`d? SEND HERE with a full credit of your donation! PO Box 21 96 Seymour St. Tonawanda NY 14150