Sword Cutting in Half 15 Sodas in Slow Motion - Slow Mo Lab

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Can a regular landscaping sword cut in half 15 soda cans?? Slow Motions is included... Watch Previous Video: Find us on Facebook: In this video: Taras and Dima pull out their sledge hammer and a landscaping sword to challenge the soda cans (coke, sprite and pepsi, and some orange stuff). Dima starts off by smashing the sprite can withe a sledgehammer and first one is a fail!! Still filmed in slow motion looks incredible. Second try is a charm, and Dima explodes the second one open sending splashes of sprite everywhere. For the landscaping sword, they have a more challenging task - to cut the soda can (coke this time) in half. After couple amazing fail, it actually works and the result is just mesmerizing. Well, and then they decided to put 15 soda cans and cut them in half all at once with the sledgehammer sword! BOOM!! Enjoy the incredible slow motion compilation! ABOUT US: Taras (Crazy Russian Hacker) and Dima film a lot of cool video. Some of the clips they film in slow motion are: science experiments, fireworks reviews/testing, explosions, shooting bullets, demonstrations, compilations, and so much more!. Some of their best examples of their work include: dry ice explosion, works explosion, dry ice bomb, watermelon exploding, battery exploding etc. RUSSIAN/На Русском Тарас и Дима делают много разных приколов для видео. Они любят снимать разные видео: эксперементы (по физике, для дитей, эскперементы в домашних условиях, эксперементы с микроволновкой), врывы, слоy моушен, слоу мо, замедленная съемка. сухой лед и многое другое, Below are some of their best examples of their work: Incredible Slow Motion Compilation That Will Blow Your Mind! | Slow Mo Lab Orange Exploding at 62,000 fps!! - Slow Mo Lab Scary Dry Ice Explosion at 62,000 FPS | Slow Mo Lab Amazing Slow Mo Compilation - MIND BLOWING!!! | Slow Mo Lab Sulfuric Acid and Sponge Reaction in Slow Motion | Slow Mo Lab 5 Crazy Science Experiments Compilation 10 Simple Life Hacks Part 1 How to Open a Can without Can Opener - Zombie Survival Tips #20 10 Crazy Pranks To Play On Your Friends And Family! Part #5 Square watermelons Japan. English version Music Youtube Library: Cataclysmic_Molten_Core Music "Dark Fog" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0